In order to create an environment that’s open to sharing and the sort of familial fondness that we’ve come to know between the guys, sometimes it’s necessary to recognize that some people may be blocking the way.

Jimmy has still been causing strife among the group so Shannon and Mark do what needs to be done, meanwhile we welcome Damien back and find that he’s dealing with his own demons as we hear a bit more about his past and his anger that he works hard every day to keep under wraps.

Shannon also shares a dark moment from his past, but we see how full of life he and the others are as they celebrate his birthday, bake him a cake, overcome their hardships, and have a little bit too much fun as they celebrate each other and the good times together!

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Johnny Forza

Paul Canon

Damien Kyle

Jimmy Johnson

Adam Baer

Cage Kafig

Denver Grand

Kaden Alexander

Sergio Valen